Ed Hardy Clothes Could Make Appearance in Fantasy Basketball Training Camp?

As reported that a film named "Fantasy Basketball Training Camp" will be created, and James would join into the film.The film is cooperated by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment Inc., and the producer is Brian Grazer.To our surprise, the film may pull Edhardy into it, and it is due to James's appreciation to Ed Hardy.

For those sports lover, and fans of James, they are all familiar with his tattoo "CHOSEN1" on the back.James is obsessed with tattoo art, so that he takes a special liking to Ed hardy UK.Ed Hardy is essential in James's life, he often appear himself in Ed Hardy whether in daily life, or on the premier of a new film.

That is because Ed Hardy adds tattoo art into clothing culture, so that tattoo has a long vitality.For this reason, James shows a great interest into Ed hardy shirts, which is quite reasonable.

In this film, James would be a leading role, and also be a executive producer.Some report revealed that Ed hardy mens trunks would appear in this film, as James intended to let the players wearing them.Yet, the producer of this film hasn't expressed agreement on the proposal.

So, as the result, I am afraid, the shooting next summer would tell us.And at this moment what we could say is that James wants Edhardy to appear in his new film.

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