Tiffany Rings of The-Dream and Christina Milian are Revealed to be imitations

It is known to all that the-Dream and Christina Milian are officially making sweet music together.But you may not know that they have get marries on Friday, September 4.On the internet, one picture of them was showed: shining Tiffany inspired jewelry, white dresses, fresh flowers, they couple looked very happy.

According to the news, they now are preparing to go Rome very shortly. And they decide to vow stateside on their first wedding anniversary in front of family and friends who won`t be able to make the trip to Italy.

It is also reported that Milian borrowed the wedding attire from Rihanna and Mariah Carey, the Grammy-winning songwriter.Some even said that the brilliant Tiffany diamond rings on their fingers were just shams.But the source close to the-dream shot down the information, calling it 100 percent false.

[Both of their dresses can`t not be more suitable and appropriate for the special occasion", they said.

The-Dream and Christina Milian first turned heads earlier this year in January and they felt well about each other.And about a month later they were seen wear the same style Tiffany pendants at the same time.

But at that time the-dream said that he just signed her to his label imprint in a partnership with records.But now they have got married, so just give our best wishes to the new couple.

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